Paul’s Managers

“Paul is a detail oriented security professional with a knack for creating structured, well defined teams. Paul excels at creating solid frameworks around which security programs can be built, and objectives readily achieved. During his tenure at Fifth Third, Paul worked diligently to create cross-organizational teams designed to respond to computer security incidents, as well as address system related vulnerabilities and breaches. Paul's sense of humor and integrity make him a pleasure to work with.”
Deborah Wheeler (May 19, 2009)

“Paul is a tremendous leader and has created and driven excellence in our Information Security Program. He has the ability to set strategy and communicates complex concepts to all levels of the organization and board committees effectively. Additionally, external parties routinely reach out to Paul for his guidance and expertise. He is a regular and much requested speaker at multiple events. Coupled with a collaborative approach, Paul is one of the best in his field”
Kari Wilfong (January 24, 2019)

“Paul played the key role in aligning our operation to proper security requirements. His dedication and commitment was outstanding and I could not ask more of him and in fact he did far more then I could have ever have asked. I can provide the highest of recommendations for Paul and if possible I would have him on my team any time.”
Gregg Larson (December 1, 2009)

“I highly recommend Paul Love. He is extremely knowledgable, detail oriented, hard working individual. I would rehire him if he was ever available. Paul worked on many security projects and was key in implementing many critical policies and procedures.
Karen Fragale (April 29, 2009)

Paul was one of the first people I hired when I was CISO at Fifth Third Bank. With little direction, Paul was able to have a significant impact on turning security operations around. It was a pleasure to work with him and would hire him without hesitation again.
Bob West (March 17, 2012)

Paul’s Team Members

"I worked for Paul for two years. He is an outstanding information security executive and author who is able to create and lead effective technology teams. His broad and deep technology skills allow him to optimize already high-performing teams to make them even better. His direct and supportive style allows his teams to instantly trust his leadership and gets him superior results.

He is adept at planning and communicating an information security program that fits both business objectives and information security best practices. His high-integrity and results driven nature allows for any organization to quickly and consistently achieve great results.

I hope we can work together soon"
Jason Reed (August 9, 2016)

"Paul is a strong leader with ability to inspire and is strongly focused on delivering tasks. A thought leader who knows both to listen and to drive focus towards most critical activities. I have worked with Paul most recently at Ally Financial where he has helped me shape the transformation of Cyber threat operations team as well as our overall Information Security practice. He is the consummate professional with a wide-ranging experience and expertise that uniquely qualifies him to provide effective leadership in several disciplines and multiple industry sectors.

His integrity is above reproach and he is respected by his peers. He leads by example and with humility. This is a quality that colleagues respect and admire and instills trust in everyone he meets. I count myself fortunate to have worked for Paul and experienced remarkable leadership first hand."
Raghu Valipireddy (May 3, 2016)

"In the 5+ years I worked with Paul I watched him take a fledgling security operations team and remake them into a winning GRC group. Paul was able to explain and demonstrate the practical need for Information Security to all levels of the company."
Colette L'Heureux-Stevens (May 22, 2016)

“Paul and I worked together quite a bit, developing IT General Controls and testing plans for the IT Infrastructure department and ITIL related processes. We also worked closely on an Identity and Access Mgmt project. Paul is the one that was always asking "Why is this important to the business? What's going to make the company want to do this?" Because of this grounding in the business' needs, he was very effective at influencing managers outside of IT. Paul is a very reliable partner to work with. We were able to have very open and honest discussions, and respectfully disagree at times. Paul is a calming influence in the organization. He is serious about his deliverables, and is able to work with others without causing a lot of stress. I would gladly work with or for Paul again.”
Michelle Murtha (July 11, 2011)

“I worked with Paul for about 3 ½ years. During this time, Paul helped me develop from an Intern into a CISSP. He graciously shares his experience and skills with others and is constantly seeking new knowledge. He recommended reading material that helped me develop not only in the field of Information Security, but in my personal growth as well. As Director of Information Security he led our team to become strategic Information Security thinkers instead of focusing just on day to day operations. Under his leadership, out team developed Policies and Standards, improved the Information Security Exception process, and initiated a Metrics program and Business Process Assessment program. Just to name a few. When Paul left the company, I was happy for him and his new opportunity, but sad to lose a true leader and mentor.”
Kristy Seaton (September 23, 2010)

“Under Paul's direction at Fifth Third, his team tackled several major security initiatives including the development of a Vulnerability and Compliance Management program as well as established and Incident Response team. Paul's technical expertise and leadership enabled us to very quickly establish formalized processes and bring in the necessary technologies to implement these key programs. Paul was also instrumental in developing policies, standards, and procedures aligned across the numerous standards that regulate the financial services industry such as ISO 17799/27001, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards. Paul was a strong advocate for his team and insisted upon integrity and teamwork in all things we did. Paul heavily influenced my move into a leadership position and acted as a mentor and coach, helping me to develop executive presence, clear communication skills, and other essential leadership traits. I would not hesitate to work with Paul again in the future and believe he would be an asset to any Information Security program, especially in the areas of leadership and strategy.”
Brian Klenke (October 29, 2009)

“While serving with Paul in the United States Marine Corps, I was provided the opportunity to increase both my technical skills and overall knowledge. Paul served a both a mentor and a leader during this time. He created a work environment where junior Marines could learn from his knowledge and experience as well as distinguish themselves based on their own personal accomplishment. Paul would then take the time and initiative to ensure individuals were recognized for contributions to the success of the team. I would recommend working with Paul as his methods of leadership foster individual/professional development and team/project success.”
Kilee Carbajal (July 6, 2010)

Paul’s Co-Workers and Professional Peers

"I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Paul while he was at Freddie Mac. He is an incredible leader with a one-of-a-kind and contagious passion for the Information Security practice that is unseen and unheard of. Not only does he give his best at all times but also exhibits a consistent sense of urgency and is always available to provide leadership and support practically on a 24/7 basis. During the course of my career, I have met a number of charismatic, exemplary leaders and visionaries, but Paul is one of the distinct few that has left a positive and life changing kind of impact due to his thorough professionalism, strong ethics, and unmatched high integrity that he exhibits at all times, no matter what. I do wish and hope that someday I can work with Paul again and will look forward and commit to any such opportunity, should that ever arise. He is truly the best in my book."
Sherry McCarthy (May 13, 2017)

“Paul is a bright, hardworking professional.”
Elizabeth Fouts (November 3, 2011)

"I had the opportunity to work with Paul in different areas from BCP program to knowledge sharing and transfer between our organizations. I found in Paul a colleague willing to share with open mind and always looking at every angle from the risk perspective and making sure those were communicated across his people as well as others.

He recognized the balance existing between his team and others and always took accountability to a serious levels helping us enable a great work relation between our organizations."
Juan Sanchez (July 9, 2012)

"I had the pleasure of working with Paul during an ISO 27001 audit. I was impressed with his approach to auditing and compliance management and his ability to establish strong partnership with key stakeholders. Paul's knowledge of security and risk makes him a valuable partner and leader."
Gerard Morisseau (October 25, 2012)

“Paul has a great ability to see through complexity and boil down issues to a core problem and identify a doable and understandable solution. He doesn't get caught up in hype and stays grounded in the what it takes to move the business forward. Paul understands that information security and business continuity disciplines should enable the business.”
Logan Kleier (March 10, 2011)

“Paul was one of my very favorite clients/co-workers. He looked at his job as providing recommendations (based on risk) to be taken or not taken. He marketed to those who didn't see security as an issue, using clever techniques that got even the most ardent technophobe interested. And he ensured an environment that protected customers, including employees. He liked new approaches, new ideas and teamwork. He also mentored, good-naturedly, others who weren't as forward thinking as himself. I see him in ten years being the CTO for a Fortune 500 company ... and that company would be lucky to have him.”
Tami Matthews (September 1, 2010)

“Paul is one of those rare professionals who always considers the interests of his profession and his employer first, believing that doing the right thing will always benefit everyone involved. He also brings a keen process focus to his work, ensuring that his contributions will remain viable and meaningful beyond his tenure. Paul's attitude, discipline, and level of professional breadth make him an asset to any organization.”
A.J. Schwab (November 1, 2009)

"Paul Love is one of those rare individuals whose achievements belie their humility. Paul is a published author, an IT security savant, and an affectual leader. Having worked with him on multiple projects over the course of the years I've known him, he's always had an ability to work great in teams, to understand all points of view, and to bring consensus from divergence.

Paul will be the last one to speak highly of himself, he speaks highly of others first. This trait exemplifies what it is to be a level 5 leader, and Paul is one of the best I've worked with. Advice to any company wanting to work with Paul: Grab him...he'll be one of the best decisions you've ever made."
Jason Loomis (July 27, 2012)

“Paul is the most professional Security Manager I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. He takes his job very seriously and is a very dedicated employee. I would recommend Paul for any position.”
Sherri Tomek (December 21, 2009)

“I learned a lot from Paul during our time in the OEMBA program. His insight and thoughts on discussion topics were always a rich source of learning for me and our OEMBA classmates. I would recommend Paul for any organization, I hope that I get the opportunity to work with him in the future.”
Kevin Bartholomew (February 7, 2011)

"I'm happy to take the time to write a recommendation here on LinkedIn for Paul. Paul and I have always had the desire to work together and we were finally able to make it happen, solidifying our relationship. I've come to know him as a wonderful leader with solid vision, able to execute on difficult projects with limited budget (i.e. doing more with less), often times having to roll up his sleeves and deliver himself. Unfortunately, there are many security leaders in the U.S. who aren't understanding or embracing the value of an Information Security Management System that aligns to ISO 27001. Thankfully, Paul isn't one of them, as he truly understands the value of a risk-based approach and he's been able to effectively design and implement these systems largely on his own, which is testament to his ability to span the strategic, tactical and operational layers of security. Most importantly, I've had the opportunity to enjoy his company and get to know him as a person, which at the end of the day is what it's all about. He's a great guy, plain and simple. He's extremely intelligent, fair, open-minded, humble and a true professional. He has the type of core values that I like to work with. I'm very proud to have the opportunity to work with Paul and I look forward to working with him again as our careers move forward. I highly recommend him."
Travis Hyde (March 29, 2013)